Getting Started with MoceanAPI for WhatsApp

MoceanAPI supports sending and receiving messages from WhatsApp. WhatsApp has been one of the most popular messaging applications. WhatsApp can help expand your reach and connectivity to your important customers.

MoceanAPI Sandbox for WhatsApp

MoceanAPI WhatsApp Sandbox allows you to try out our WhatsApp API. Users will be given trial templates and you are able to try out sending and receiving message with your configured test numbers in your MoceanAPI account.

MoceanAPI WhatsApp Live

If you have a WABA with MoceanAPI, which means you have onboard with us, you will be able to create your own templates and update your WABA profile. To get onboard with MoceanApi, please refer here. Do refer to our WhatsApp API to learn more about the features we have.

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at

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