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Empowering you with the ability to engage people with cloud communications.


Deliver and receive SMS messages in every country around the world.

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Prioritize security in your business, prevent the increasing counts of frauds and scams, to ensure the top quality for your business.

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Lead the conversation by making, retrieving, controling and monitoring calls to deliver a better customer experience

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Number Lookup

Reduce undeliverable messages, identify phone numbers by getting information about it to learn about it validatity and much more.

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Integrate Messaging service with your ecommerce business, and build a better relationship with your buyers.

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Developer Documentation

Get started with our easy integration.

Get support in multiple programming languages

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  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
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from moceansdk import Mocean,Client

token = Client("API_KEY_HERE", "API_SECRET_HERE")
mocean = Mocean(token)

res = mocean.sms.create({
    "from": "MOCEAN",
    "text": "Hello World"


Frequently Asked Questions

No problem, we got you covered.

Can I send international messages?

Yes. We are an international SMS provider. You can send out SMS both locally and internationally based on our price list.

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How many SMS test credits can I get?

You can get 20 FREE credits from here and credits are valid for 14 days.

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What if my message longer than 1 SMS?

You can type the long message into the system. The system will count the characters and show how many SMS will be deducted.

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Do I have to pay a set-up charge or monthly fees?

No. There are no set-up charges or monthly fees with us. You buy credits, use them, and top them up when you need to. It really is that simple.

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