WhatsApp Business Platform

Offer secure interactions for 2-way customer support, Sending notification messages, One-time verification and many more


User Authentication and verification for security measures

Customer Care

Provide your customers answer/solution regarding issues, updates and questions


Alert customers regarding promotions, offers or sales

Implementation use cases for WhatsApp Business

Customer Support

Boost customers satisfaction with 5-star customer service providing reliable faster service and 24/7 support

  • - 24/7 chatbot support
  • - Self-serve resolution
  • - Live agent


Broadcast marketing promotions or campaigns to showcase your product

  • - Special offers
  • - New release products or services
  • - Campaigns
  • - Personalised Promotions


Authenticate users using one-time passwords to allow user to verify their identity through two-factor authentication

  • - One-Time Password
  • - Two Factor Authentication

Notifications and Alerts

Notify customers regarding important activity with timely, well targeted messages to delight your customers

  • - Booking Confirmation
  • - Reminders
  • - Order Status


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