WhatsApp Business Platform

Offer secure interactions for 2-way customer support, Sending notification messages, One-time verification and many more


User Authentication and verification for security measures

Customer Care

Provide your customers answer/solution regarding issues, updates and questions


Alert customers regarding promotions, offers or sales

Implementation use cases for WhatsApp Business

Customer Support

Boost customers satisfaction with 5-star customer service providing reliable faster service and 24/7 support

  • - 24/7 chatbot support
  • - Self-serve resolution
  • - Live agent


Broadcast marketing promotions or campaigns to showcase your product

  • - Special offers
  • - New release products or services
  • - Campaigns
  • - Personalised Promotions


Authenticate users using one-time passwords to allow user to verify their identity through two-factor authentication

  • - One-Time Password
  • - Two Factor Authentication

Notifications and Alerts

Notify customers regarding important activity with timely, well targeted messages to delight your customers

  • - Booking Confirmation
  • - Reminders
  • - Order Status


One Time Set up fee
(Waive the setup fee by signing up this month)
Monthly fee
USD 100 USD 20 per number

WhatsApp pricing is calculated based on conversation-based pricing fee below:

Utility Conversation

Authentication Conversation

Marketing Conversation

Service Conversation

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