Voice Call API

Power up your customer interaction with Voice API. Build call flows anywhere in the world.

Empowering Customer Experience

More than just Text Messages

Control Calls

Build comprehensive calling experience the way you want it to be, control the flow of your voice call via MoceanAPI Call Control Object.

Simple Calls

You can embed PSTN, SIP or VoIP into your tool with a just HTTP request or MoceanAPI Software Development Kit available for instant implementation.

Best Experience

We ensure the best grade of quality of audio, clear audio and low latency to get your voice across the globe

Make calls with code

Get your voice delivered to anywhere around the world. The MoceanAPI Voice API let you reach anyone with a voice call and it is made possible with our robust Software Developement Kits.

Code Example

It is as simple as sending an SMS.

Get support in multiple programming languages

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  • Python
  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
  • PHP
  • Java

from moceansdk import Client, Basic, Transmitter, McBuilder, Mc

mocean = Client(

mc_builder = McBuilder() \
    .add(Mc.record()) \
    .add(Mc.dial('60123456789')) \
    .add(Mc.say('for english please press 1')) \
    .add(Mc.collect('https://test.com/collect')) \
    .add(Mc.sleep(2000)) \

res = mocean.voice.call({
    'mocean-to': '60123456789',
    'mocean-command': mc_builder


Integration Steps

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