Number lookup

Gain insight of number detailed information

Number Formatting

Our service applies known standards such as national formats and E.164 to keep your contact lists compliant and up to date.


Find out to which mobile network a number is registered under with country origins information.

Number Validity

Learn whether the interested number is an active or inactive number.

Number insight

You'll get to access into insight you otherwise wouldn't.

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    "status": 0,
    "msgid": "MSGID10507102706000011.0001",
    "to": "60123456789",
    "current_carrier": {
      "country": "MY",
      "name": "U Mobile",
      "network_code": 50218,
      "mcc": "502",
      "mnc": "18"
    "original_carrier": {
      "country": "MY",
      "name": "Maxis Mobile",
      "network_code": 50212,
      "mcc": "502",
      "mnc": "12"
    "ported": "ported"

Code Example

It is as simple as sending an SMS.

Get support in multiple programming languages

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  • Ruby
  • NodeJS
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from moceansdk import Client, Basic, Transmitter

mocean = Client(

res = mocean.number_lookup.inquiry({
    'mocean-to': '60123456789'


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