How to send an interactive product or product list messages on Mocean WhatsApp API?

  1. After you've done the embedded signup in Mocean API dashboard which means you own the WABA, please use your Facebook account to which your WABA is connected, create a catalog using Facebook's Commerce Manager.
  2. Once created, you'll need to add items to that catalog. For a quick start, we suggest you to manually add items into the catalog using Facebook's Commerce Manager.
  3. It is worth noting that Facebook must approve any item added to a catalog before you can send regarding that item, you could check the approval status by clicking the Issues tab in Commerce Manager.
  4. Once added the approved items into the catalog, you will need to connect your WABA to the catalog.
  5. After completing all the steps above, you can start sending a product or product list message to the end-user.

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at

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