What are WhatsApp authentication templates used for?

Authentication templates are used to open an authentication conversation. Authentication templates are commonly used for businesses to perform verification purposes like sending one-time passcodes, and may be used in multiple steps in an authentication process.

Use-cases and structures are well defined for authentication templates and content is restricted to use only WhatsApp's predefined message templates during creation. The predefined templates includes the following:
  1. A mandatory one-time password button (Copy Code or Autofill)
  2. A 15 character limit on parameter
  3. Optional security disclaimer add-ons
Features available in other templates like emojis or URL cannot be included in authentication template.

For more information on authentication templates, refer to the authentication template section in the WhatsApp Template Categorization docs.

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at support@moceanapi.com.

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