Why was my WhatsApp message template rejected?

For businesses to initiate a WhatsApp conversation with customers, the businesses are required to send a template message that has been reviewed and approved by WhatsApp. You are able to create message templates in our MoceanApi Dashboard or your own Business Manage (if you are the owner of the WhatsApp Business Account). In order to avoid your template to not get rejected, have a look at the tips below:
  1. Ensure your template does not contain abusive or threatening content.
  2. Ensure your template content adhere to the WhatsApp Commerce Policy and the WhatsApp Business Policy.
  3. The format of the variable parameter is correct. Do ensure that each variable parameter has two curly braces at the opening and closing (For Example {{1}}). Also ensure that the parameter does not contain any special characters.
  4. Variable parameters are defined sequentially. For example, if variables are defined {{1}}, {{2}}, {{4}}, {{5}} without the {{3}} the template will be rejected.
  5. Includes examples that correspond to your parameter in the sample field.
  6. Format the content surrounding any variable parameters correctly. For example, make sure that any slashes (/) are in the appropriate location before adding the variable parameter in a dynamic URL.
  7. Make sure your template content is unique. If a message template content is a duplicate of another message template content, it will be rejected. This does not apply for Authentication templates
  8. Only use lower-case letters, numbers and underscores when naming your template. Also make sure that your naming is as descriptive and unique as possible.
  9. Ensure that the language selected for the message template matches the content of your template. Do not include multiple languages in a single message template. Only use the language that was selected.
  10. Ensure that the content matches the category of the message template. For example, do not create a Utility template that includes Marketing content or an Authentication template that includes Utility or Marketing content.
For more information on common rejection reason, you can have a look here

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at support@moceanapi.com.

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