What is Number Lookup?

With our Number Lookup API, you can lookup on a phone numbers information and validate its legitimacy. In addition to validating the availability of phone number, you can also get extra information of whether it is a landing or mobile to make sure compliance with local regulation.

Benefits of Number Lookup API

Our Number Lookup API are equipped with over 200 cable and word-wide telecommunications providers. You can use it to greatly improve your business messaging strategy by:

  • - Maximize your revenue strategy
  • - Increase your business work flow
  • - Understand exclusive insight of phone owners
  • - Sending message only to legitimate phone numbers
  • - Remove bad phone numbers from your database

Common Use Case

You can lookup a number before you send an SMS API, to ensure you are not sending SMS into the void. The price of number lookup API is generally cheaper than SMS API, so you can save up some money by identifying phone numbers before hand.

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at support@moceanapi.com.

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