What is the difference between Charge Per Success and Charge Per Attempt?

The key difference can be summarized into the following table.

Key Feature Charge per Conversion Charge per Attempt
Description You pay a flat fee on every successful verification. You pay for every request to sending verification code.
Pricing EUR 0.0750 EUR 0.0300
Auto retry Yes No
Channel route Auto - MoceanAPI routing algorithm Manual - your preferred channel
Number Lookup No Yes
Spam protection Yes No

Naturally, you would want to choose Charge Per Conversion model, if you like simple setup. MoceanAPI will try to reach your end-user with any available channel and auto retries until your user receives the verification code, the best part is we will not charge you a single cent your user is converted successfully.

However, if you like to have more control over verification flow. You would want to choose Charge Per Attempt model, you get to decide how you want the verification code to be delivered and when to retry on verification, and we will charge you accordingly to every attempt on sending verification codes.

For further assistance, do raise a support ticket with our Support Team at support@moceanapi.com.

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