Send Message API

Deliver your messages across the globe.
Fast and effortlessly with SMS and Social Messaging Channel (Telegram).


Reach your customer with preferred channel SMS or Telegram without the hassle of managing multiple API.

Cost-Effective Chat

Reducing cost by leveraging the network to enable your team and customers to freely message at the lowest cost.

Rich Media

Intrigue your customer with multimedia messaging - photo, video, audio, location to upgrade user experience

Available Channels



Messaging API

Support for multiple channels

Improve your customer service communication by contacting customers on their preferred channel SMS or Telegram.

Notify and alerts customers

Notify customers with order updates or delivery status, location alerts, appointment reminders, payment processing details, and etc with preffered channel SMS or Telegram)

Two Factor Authentication

Enhance customers account security with send verification code to preferred channel SMS or Telegram.

Integration Steps

Get your Application to send Messages within 5 minutes!

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