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What is Dolibarr? is an open sourced ERP & CRM for businesses primarily, SMEs, Large Companies, Freelancers, Foundations. It's an All-In-One suite to manage all your business. With a plethora of modules at your fingertip, you can easily manage every part of your business (Support Ticketing, Event Management, Itinerary management, CRM, Human resource management and many more). If these modules doesn't fulfil your needs, worry not, you can extend functionalities by installing external modules from

Popular way of integration with Dolibarr and Mocean API

- Send Bulk SMS to third party, contacts and many more
- Send SMS to Third Party when invoice is created, updated, validated or paid
- Send SMS to Contacts when contact is created, enabled or disabled
- Send SMS to Third Party when project lead status is prospection, qualification, proposal, negotiation
- Send SMS to Third Party when Supplier's Order is created, validated, approved, refused, dispatched
- Send SMS to Third Party when Ticket status changed (created, read, closed, abandoned, assigned) *New
- Automatically prefix country code when sending SMS to specific mobile numbers
- SMS Templates are available for all settings
- Plugin / module is translation ready, add / edit files in /langs/ directory


- Send SMS to third party / contacts to thank them for a specific purchase / event / reason
- Automatically send SMS to customer when they opened a new ticket
- Automatically send SMS to third party when an invoice is generated
- Automatically send SMS to third party when a project lead status changed
- Automatically send SMS to third party when a new supplier's order is approved


  1. Refer to installation documentation here

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