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What is is a platform that empower teams to manage and run projects with ease and confident. How do they do that? You might asked. Well here it is, they do it through Flexibility and Intuitive Visuals that emphasizes on communication and collaboration among team members. You have the flexibility to create workflows that fulfils your team needs, whether you run a software development project or you run a advertisement management, you have all the tools you will need to create workflows that suit your team needs. For example, SMS notifications when your project's status changed or when your advertisement ROI has achieved a certain goal. In addition to that, offers intuitive visuals like colors, graphs, shapes that are eye-catching which promotes easy navigation in User Interface (UI) and user friendly User Experience (UX).

Popular way of integration with and Mocean API

- Send SMS to notify the contact in your boards about a particular event
- When the status of a contact changes from `Customer` to `Losing`, send an SMS with coupon / discount code to them.
- On customer's birthday, send an SMS to wish them a happy birthday with discount code
- On festive days, eg: Independent Day, Black Friday, etc send great deals to your customers


- Send SMS to contacts in boards
- Send Bulk SMS to filtered contacts in a board
- Send Two Way SMS to your contacts
- Send SMS when the status of a column changes or changes to a specific value (Automated) and/or update the status/column to a specific value
- Send SMS at a specific time (Automated) and/or update the status/column to a specific value
- Create, Edit and Send SMS templates
- Send WhatsApp messages (automation included)


  1. Install MoceanAPI SMS app here
  2. Documentation on MoceanAPI SMS Broadcast here
  3. Documentation on MoceanAPI Send SMS here
  4. Documentation on MoceanAPI Automation here
  5. Documentation on MoceanAPI Two Way SMS here

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