Integrate MoceanAPI Wordpress plugins with Simple Memberships

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What is Simple?

Simple memberships is a wordpress plugin that turns your wordpress website into a money making membership site with all common features integrated right into the plugin. You can create unlimited amount of membership levels with different prices and content access.

Popular way of integration with Simple and Mocean API

- Send SMS notification when a member makes a successful recurring payment
- Send SMS notification when a member cancel their membership

How does it work?

Whenever a member made a successful recurring payment or cancel their membership, a SMS notification will be sent to the member if they have a phone number on their account.


  1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard and install MoceanSMS Order Notification Plugin and Simple Membership plugin
  2. Activate the plugins
  3. Navigate to Settings -> MoceanAPI SMS Settings
  4. Fill in your API Key and API Secret in MoceanAPI SMS Settings
  5. Configure the settings to your likings under "Automations", "Simple Membership" tab

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