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What is Parseur?

Parseur is an easy-to-use email parser which lets you extract meaningful data from your automated emails. It can send extracted data to Google Sheets, via webhook or to hundreds of other connected CRMs and applications. Parseur uses templates to know which pieces of text to extract from users' mails. Creating a parsing template couldn't be easier. Just select the text users want to extract in an email. Parseur will then extract the text at that location from similar emails.

Popular way of integration with Parseur and Mocean API

Set up zapier integration can help to save your time and effort on completing your job, below are the existing integration which can directly use:

- Send text messages via Mocean API using new documents processed in Parseur
- Send Mocean API SMS messages for new Parseur parsers

Other than existing integration, you are able to create your customized integration based on your system requirement.

When this happens in Parseur...

- New Document Processed
- New Table Processed
- New Document Not Processed
- New Document Processed (With List Items)
- New Table Processed (With Sub-List Items)
- New Parser
- New Table

Do this in Mocean API...

- Find Account Pricing
- Find Balance
- Send SMS


Click to try the existing templates.

  1. Sign up or log in to your Zapier account.
  2. Sign in or choose your Parseur account for the pre-selected trigger. Trigger can be changed by clicking the Trigger Event field in Choose app & event section section
  3. Continue to set up and test your trigger
  4. Sign in or choose your Mocean API account for pre-selected action. Action can be changed by clicking the Action Event field in Choose app & event section
  5. Continue to set up and test your action
  6. Click upper right to toggle the switch ON. Finish! Zapier will run your action steps each time your trigger event occurs.

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