Integrate MoceanAPI Wordpress plugins with Easy Caller

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What is Easy Caller?

Easy Caller is a plugin that enables your web visitors or your customers to interact with your website's contact number just by entering their number which will then connect them to the endpoint number (the number you set in the "call settings" page). This is a highly efficient and effective way for your customers or web visitor to contact you.

Popular way of integration with Easy Caller and Mocean API

- Let customer 1-Click connect to an operator at your specified endpoint number.


  1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard and install Easy Caller with Mocean Plugin
  2. Activate the plugins
  3. Navigate to Call Settings and fill up the "Endpoint Number" and "Welcome message"
  4. Fill in your API Key and API Secret at General Settings
  5. Navigate to Shortcodes tab, copy the shortcode generated and paste it to the pages where you want easy caller to show

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