Getting Started with MoceanAPI Order SMS Notifications for WooCommerce

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What is Order SMS Notification?

Shopping online and waiting for goods to be delivered can be an exciting process. As a seller, you can enhance the buyers' experiences by keeping them updated on the purchases and delivery status. At the same time, keep yourself updated on each new order placed.

Popular way of integration with Order SMS Notification and Mocean API

- Send SMS to alert customer when order status is changed.
- Send SMS to alert admin when new order is placed.

How does it work?

- Whenever an order status is changed for e.g: pending to completed. An SMS will be sent to customer.
- SMS notification can also be sent to admins when there's a new order placed
- There are also options for automation where you can send reminders and SMS notifications if you installed one of the plugins we integrated.


  1. Login to your Wordpress Dashboard and install MoceanAPI Order SMS Notification for WooCommerce plugin
  2. Activate the plugins
  3. Navigate to Settings -> MoceanAPI SMS Settings
  4. Fill in your API Key and API Secret in MoceanAPI SMS Settings
  5. Configure the settings to your likings under "Admin Settings", "Customer settings" and "Multivendor Settings" tab

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